Megumi Amatsuka is the main character and protagonist of the story. She is a fifteen year old student at the Furinkan high school.

Megumi was originally a boy until the age of 9 before being transformed into a girl by a little demon, Pierrot.[1]

Her name is Megumi which is a feminine name. According to her story, it´s still a boy's name before a transformation by the little demon.[2] In real world, Megumi is one of Japanese female names.

According to Fujiki during a conversation with Miki, Megumi is more feminine than a normal girl.[3]

As the series progresses, Megumi is shown to become more feminine, to the point of liking Soga [4]


As Megumi was previously a guy, the idea of dating another guy is intimidating and disgusting to her. However, after spending time as a girl, she begins to feel safer and more comfortable around people like Soga [5] She eventually works up enough courage to kiss Soga at the end of the Manga, as well as confessing her love for him, being a drastic shift In character. [6]


Miki Hanakain

Miki is a childhood friend of Megumi, and the first to know about his curse. She is supportive and a helpful person when Megumi is sad.

Soga Genzō

Soga is a classmate of Megumi, and the man she ultimately picks at the end. He is referred to as an idiot by Megumi, however, he still chases her. He joines the “Megu-chan protection club” early on.

Fujiki Ichirō

Fujiki is another classmate of Megumi, as well as part of the “Megu-chan protection club”. He is called “Normal” or “Average” most of the time

Yasuda Tasuke

Yasuda is another member of the “Megu-chan protection club”. He is a blatant pervert, taking multiple pictures of Megumi without consent.

Aliases Edit

She is called Angel by pepole in city and many male students at high school, Meg in English version (or Megu in Japanese version) and Princess or Megu-chan by Genzou. Others have referred to her as Goddess on occasions.


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